DIY Meeting and Event Planning: Top 10 Reasons To Outsource

DIY meeting and event planning sounds good, in theory. Why not save on your total costs by handling the details yourself?  In fact, why doesn’t everyone go this route? In our 30+ years of experience, our clients have learned (the painful way) that planning a corporate event from conception to wrap-up… isn’t as easy as they’d hoped.  Our client network includes:
  • Clients who called us in mid-stream to execute their ideas [¹]
  • Corporate meeting planners who went the DIY route, required reinforcement and quickly learned that outsourcing was the most valuable tool for successful events.
  • Companies who plan some of their events internally and reach out for assistance with specific types of meetings. 
None of these planners were incapable of DIY-ing their event. None were replaceable by an outside firm. And all were fantastic at what they do – which is why they knew when to trust their instincts and partner with our team.   Do you fall somewhere in between those bullet points, asking yourself whether it’s really worth it to work with a full-service meeting planner? Well, we’ve got 10 solid reasons to outsource instead of DIY Meeting and Event Planning.   Grab your coffee, and let’s dive in.

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