Corporate Meetings, Generation by Generation

There are currently five generations in the workforce; how many do you have attending your meeting? Recognizing the values, communication preferences, and technological comfort levels of each generation in your attendee group is key to mastering event communication. Being mindful of these preferences will help you create an agenda and content that will reach everyone from the silent generation, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials to Gen Z.

Here are some key items to consider to ensure that your multi-generational meeting is a success!

Inclusive Communication Styles

While younger generations may be tech-savvy and accustomed to digital tools, older generations may prefer more traditional methods. Strive for a balance by incorporating both digital and non-digital options. Event apps are expected at this point, but also provide the option for printed copies of the agenda for those who prefer them.

Networking Opportunities

How do your attendees network best? Baby Boomers and Gen X prefer a meaningful, in person conversation and appreciate time and respect from leadership. Millennials and Gen Z respond best to a brief and interactive experience. To bridge the gap, consider pre-event conversation groups as a catalyst to connect in person at the meeting.

Flexible Agenda

Flexibility is crucial when planning a meeting that appeals to all generations. Allow for breaks to accommodate all attention spans and energy levels. Some attendees may want an interactive break out option where they can socialize while others may want quiet time to recharge.

Planning a meeting that appeals to all generations requires a thoughtful and inclusive approach. A report from McKinsey shows that teams who communicate effectively may increase productivity by 25% and by using the tips included in this blog, you can create an environment where employees of all ages feel engaged, heard, and valued!

Bucom International has extensive experience in managing successful meetings for all generations in creative ways. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you to plan your next meeting effectively.  

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