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We Work with You to Create…

  • Engaging, motivating, inspiring experiences from start to finish.
  • Powerful and personalized messages that inspire your attendees.
  • Events that showcase your corporate culture on-time and on-budget.

We Are…

  • An experienced, dedicated, passionate and flexible team.
  • Understanding of your unique culture and what you want to accomplish.
  • On your team, on your time.


Our defined processes assure completeness and consistency across the board. Every step in the program management process is developed and practiced over and over again, and then modified. You see, at Bucom, we understand that every client is different and every program is unique. How can we align our proven practices to improve your business?


Proactive Planning

We partner with you during our pre-planning process, working with you to understand your goals and create a plan that is customized for your needs.

Before the event, we ensure that every detail communicates your desired message and represents your unique culture. We accomplish this with:

  • Transparent, responsive, and efficient communication tailored to what works best for you.
  • Budget-planning specifically scaled to you.
  • Thorough research of sites and venues.
  • Risk mitigation and emergency action planning.
  • Preparation of all event requirements including hotel rooms, meeting space, transportation, food/beverage, design elements, and audiovisual production.
  • Innovative and creative ideas that will result in engaged attendees and maximize ROI.


Expert Logistics Management

Our intensive pre-planning process makes certain that logistics management is executed seamlessly. We are proactive and flexible, working with you on-site so that each detail is covered. We plan for the unexpected so any curve ball is expertly handled, and your event can proceed with ease.

We are dedicated to cultivating a positive and beneficial experience for each attendee. At every stop along the way, we work with you to grow inspiration that lasts.


Celebrate Success

We conduct a thorough debriefing follow up with you to ensure that we were successful and that all your goals were not only met, but exceeded.

Let’s talk about your success.

Let’s celebrate how your goals were achieved, what your participants gained from the event/program, and, lastly, the ROI from your investment. Through the success of your event, you can then carry the momentum and enthusiasm forward.


Our thorough processes are expertly executed alongside each of the many unique services we offer. Explore our capabilities; we have the tools to make your next event seamless.

Strategic Consultations
  • Performance improvement programs
  • Campaign and event marketing
  • Procurement collaboration
  • Virtual and hybrid solutions
Planning and Logistics
  • Strategic meetings management
  • Program branding and marketing
  • Budget and timeline development
  • Team building, off-site activities, and attendee management
  • Website development, registration, and attendee communication
  • Customized food and beverage design, selection and negotiation
  • On-site program execution and management
Site Sourcing & Contracting
  • Hotel venue sourcing selection
  • Thorough analysis of meeting space
  • Our sourcing services are complimentary—the hotel commissions we negotiate are credited to you
Attendee Air Travel &Attendee Communication
  • Air Travel:
    ◦ Liaison with Full-service Travel Management Company
    ◦ Risk mitigation and emergency action planning.
  • Attendee Communication Services:
    ◦ Custom website development
    ◦ Marketing communications
Creative Production
  • Creative Services:
    ◦ Theme content and development
    ◦ Experiential and interactive engagement
  • Production Services
    ◦ Digital and interactive technology
    ◦ Lighting, audio, video design and management
Event technology capabilities
  • Branded multi-use apps
  • Live streaming / “Crowd” Streaming
  • Virtual / Augmented Reality
  • Beacons / Drones
Marketing and Promotions
  • Project/program analysis
  • Campaign development
  • Marketing and branding promotions
  • Promotional items analysis, procurement and delivery

What are You Planning Next?

Bucom will hope you get inspired and meet your goals.