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all in one partner whose sole focus is to help you succeed

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Everything we do is defined by our core values.
Whatever meeting format you choose—hybrid, in-person, or digital/virtual—this is what you can expect from us.



We don’t stop until the job’s done. In fact, we don’t even stop there. From the first intake through the post-event evaluation, we do whatever it takes for however many hours it takes to bring your vision to life on-time and within budget.



We hate surprises (except the chocolatey kind). At every step in our journey, you’ll know what we know, because we view you as a true partner. You’ll never be surprised by a fee, a change of plans, or any other detail, big or small, because we’ll communicate with you openly and often.



Our work is not a perfect science, and nothing is typical in today’s ever-evolving environment. We’re flexible in our approach, drawing from our experience, relying on our intuition, and invoking our imagination to find unique solutions that are in your favor. As your needs change—sometimes day-by-day—we adapt.



Listen, we get it. Pulling off an experience that attendees will talk about for weeks is a lot of pressure. We’re here for whatever you need along the way. When you have a million ideas to share, we listen. When you feel overwhelmed, we reassure you. And when you beam about what you’ve achieved, we celebrate with you.



We’ve been doing this for a long time, because it’s our passion. We’ve seen a lot, learned a lot, and continue to grow as times and needs change. Everything we do for you, every decision we make, is grounded not just in technical expertise, but also in good judgment. And we aim to impart our wisdom to you, so you can proceed confidently.

In-depth planning
Digital Strategy - Option 2A

Time spent upfront to learn how your organization, your project, and your goals are unique is invaluable.

Through deep-dive conversations, we’ll uncover insights to determine:

  • The meeting format—virtual, hybrid, or in-person—based on your meeting content and agenda
  • Duration and structure of the meeting (e.g., whether the group breaks out into smaller sessions)
  • Strategies for engaging the audience, including interactive breaks and entertainment
  • Custom branding and communication options that deliver your desired message and represent your unique culture
  • Pre- and post-meeting marketing initiatives

But it’s not all serious business. We’ll also use this time to get to know the people we’ll be collaborating closely with for the duration of the project, and hopefully well beyond.

Seamless execution & production
Meeting Planning-Logistics

With a defined plan of what we want to achieve and how we’ll achieve it, we focus on proactively managing all meeting logistics, down to every last detail.

You’ll have the whole Bucom team behind you, which you may not realize because you’ll have a single point of contact for everything you need at every step. That one person will make sure everything runs smoothly and that your experience with us is exceptional.


We aim for perfection, but we know this from managing thousands of events: stuff happens and, even now more than ever, things change quickly. So, we plan for the unexpected, leveraging our nimbleness and ingenuity to flex to any need and any situation, so your event stays on track.

Building Relationships

Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our clients. We do that in part by taking the time to make sure your goals were met and your expectations were exceeded.


Following your event, we’ll sit down together to identify achievements to celebrate and socialize, including what your participants gained from the experience and the return on your investment. We’ll also discuss learnings that can help make your next event even better.

What are You Planning Next?

Bucom will help you get inspired and meet your goals.

Event Production Services
  • Agenda Development / Content Flow: Our team generates compelling content to engage and captivate your attendees.
  • Technical Direction and Design: Our technical experts manage audio, lighting, and video design, delivering a seamless and visually captivating event.
  • Presentation Design and Development: We help you prepare engaging presentations that resonate with your audience.
  • Video Production Expertise: Whether it’s creating pre-event videos or managing live streaming, we take care of video production to ensure your message is effectively communicated.
  • Speaker and Talent Procurement: We assist in identifying and securing the ideal speakers or talent to enhance your event.
  • Showflow Planning: We develop comprehensive showflow plans to ensure your event stays on schedule and runs seamlessly.
  • Lighting, Audio, Video Design, and Management: Our experts manage every aspect of audio, lighting, and video to create an immersive experience.
  • Event Results Measurement: We provide post-event analysis to assess the impact and success of your event.
  • Simultaneous Translation: We offer simultaneous translation services to ensure seamless communication for a diverse audience.