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Bucom takes a new approach to hybrid meetings, working with you to create an inclusive environment where the face-to-face attendees and virtual attendees are immersed in the attendee experience. Learn more about our hybrid meeting solution below.

This traditional approach creates separate audiences and doesn’t encourage interaction.

Using technology to create an inclusive audience experience promotes interaction and engagement.

Cost Effective Hybrid Meetings

A valuable option for the new normal giving attendees unable to join face-to-face to attend as well.
Hybrid Meetings Strategy

Understanding the Challenges & Defining the Goals

A hybrid meeting strategy is a fundamental part of any risk management plan for events following the COVID-19 pandemic. Hybrid meetings present a unique set of challenges such as:

  • What type of hybrid meeting are you going to have?
    • Only presenters live?
    • A combination of live and virtual presenters?
    • Partial live audience?
    • Live audience pods?
  • How will we cater to different audiences – in-person and virtual?
  • How will we shape the content to cater to different audiences?
  • How will we define success? ROI?
  • How will we create an engaging environment?

Bucom builds a custom hybrid meetings solution for each client by using our process based approach and asking the right questions to understand their goals.

Professionally Managed & Produced

Answering the question – why don’t we just do a Zoom?
Our hybrid meeting assessment understands and defines your goals from a technology and content delivery perspective. Your dedicated program manager will walk you through this assessment, asking questions such as:

  • Do you have an existing virtual meeting platform you’d like to leverage?
  • Theming for both face-to-face and virtual audiences?
  • How are you creating content that engages both face-to-face and virtual participants?
  • How are you rehearsing? Conducting slide review?
  • Timezone considerations?
  • Production Review for both face-to-face and virtual environments
    • Staging Needs?
    • Lighting?
    • Virtual Meeting Streaming Needs? Back Up Solutions?

Your message is important, how you deliver it matters. Let Bucom’s team of professionals make your next hybrid meeting a success.

Interactive Attendee Experience

Creating collaborative environments for all attendees – face to face and virtual

The number one challenge facing hybrid meetings are the different environments involved. Whether an entirely virtual audience and only face-to-face presenters or a split virtual and face-to-face audience, you have to provide tools for these groups engage with one another.

Bucom provides the tools for audience engagement, allowing both face-to-face attendees to engage with not only the presenters, but also each other. While virtual and face-to-face attendees are in different locations, that doesn’t mean they all shouldn’t be part of the conversation.