Always Innovating: Reimagining Our Look

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Decades of success doesn’t happen by staying the same. Success is the ability to adapt and evolve with a constantly changing world, making ourselves and the work we do better. At Bucom, we are always reimagining the way we do corporate meetings, events, and incentives, so we wanted to refresh our look to reflect that.


Over 30 Years of Innovation

For more than 30 years, Bucom has been at the forefront of innovation in the meeting and event planning industry. We are continually updating our tools, technology, and methods. It was only natural that we update our website, too.


Bucom has consistently delivered successful meetings, events, and incentive programs, and we continue to do so. With our updated website, we hope to make ourselves more accessible to you. The new site is streamlined, easy to use, and showcases our culture better than ever. Get to know us by exploring our site and discover how Bucom can help you plan your next event.


Collaboration Made Better


Collaboration is key to planning a great event. We understand the importance and necessity of clear and efficient communication to produce the best meeting and events for you. We aim to understand your unique corporate culture and brand to ensure that every aspect of your program reflects exactly who you are. We hope that by sharing who we are through this new website, you will be inspired to share who you are with us. Through transparency, understanding, and communication, we can work with you to realize your vision and exceed your goals.


Browse our website to meet our experienced team members and to learn more about the wide range of services and programs that we have to offer.


What are You Planning Next?


We want to know about your passions, goals, and vision. A successful meeting, event, or program reflects your company’s personality. Tell us about yourselves and what motivates you. With that knowledge, we can create a program that works specifically for you. Some of the services we offer include, but are not limited to, incentive travel programs, sales meetings, and product launches. Reach out to us today and tell us about the purpose of your next event. We’re here to help you get inspired and meet your goals.


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