A note from Bucom’s Director of Operations, Ludwig Krammer

Dear Friends,

As the holiday season rushes upon us, I find myself reflecting on the past year and those who have helped carry our nation and its families through such a challenging time.

We at BUCOM are so grateful for all the healthcare and frontline workers who selflessly and tirelessly continue to give of themselves to complete strangers. For those of you who are on those front lines, or related to someone on the front lines, please know that you have touched the lives of those patients, their families, and our nation in immeasurable ways.

Our team also feels the pain and hardship for all the furloughed and laid off workers in industries like the hospitality industry. Our dear allies around the world who work in hotels are hurting right now, and we hurt with them. This incredible disruption of commerce has also been especially painful for the travel ecosystem, made up of millions of hard working people around the world.

2020 has been full of challenges, but it has spurred innovation, adaptation and personal growth on so many levels.

We are thankful for, and amazed by the brilliant COVID-19 scientific teams at Pfizer and many other pharmaceutical companies who have made remarkable progress in the fight against COVID-19. They should serve as an inspiration to all of us on how to take a very painful setback and turn it into a great opportunity.

It has been a long year, and many of us have figured out how to communicate, engage, collaborate and work remotely. Virtual meetings have done their best to replace the face-to-face engagements we all enjoyed.

That being said, the catalytic outcome of event-based face-to-face interaction and its measurable impact on bonding, teamwork, trust building, and company culture are sorely missed. I hear that from so many of you.

Our vantage point in the industry allows us to see first hand what is working out there, as well as hearing about several “virtual event disasters”. Rest assured that we have world-class plans for 2021 and beyond that combine the best of face-to-face events with trustworthy virtual technology to serve you. We will continue to collaborate with our clients to find a new equilibrium between the use of technology and the mission-critical need to physically interact and connect.

As an eternal optimist and proud member of the event and hospitality industry, I and our team at BUCOM are looking forward to sharing our best ideas and innovations with you when we speak again in the new year. Let’s start a winning project together!