2024 Mid-Year Recap

As we cross the midpoint of 2024, it’s a great time to reflect on Bucom’s first part of the year and the strategic vision driving our success. With our history and experience, we continue to adapt to our clients’ evolving needs and the ever-changing trends in the meetings industry.


Maximizing Value in a High Demand Environment

Global demand for guestrooms and meeting space remains very strong. At the same time, clients and attendees are meeting face-to-face now more than ever. These market conditions have resulted in limited availability and increased prices for all elements of meetings and incentives, while budgets continue to be constrained.


In this environment, our clients turn to us to navigate a venue sourcing process that is driven on the hotel side by revenue management and hampered by slowed or lack of responses. Our experienced and diverse team understands all sides of venue sourcing, from the hotel side to the client side. Our longstanding relationships assist us in gathering better responses, faster, while our fierce negotiations assist in maximizing budget and generating value.


In these pivotal times, companies are finding maximum value by turning to industry experts to help them with their crucial meeting and incentive investments.


Intentionally Designed Attendee Experiences

Return on Experience (ROE)! We’re seeing the concept of ROE as a constant theme among attendees. This shift in focus emphasizes the value of creating memorable, impactful experiences that go beyond traditional metrics.


We’re assisting clients in personalizing experiences to cater to individual preferences and goals, ensuring each attendee finds unique value. Interactive elements like engaging activities, workshops, and networking opportunities are being woven into event structures to foster connection and learning.


We’re also integrating wellness components, balancing professional content with opportunities for mindfulness, relaxation, and physical activity. Technology plays a crucial role in enhancing these experiences, streamlining logistics and creating immersive environments.


To quantify the impact, we’re implementing post-event surveys and analytics that measure outcomes in terms of attendees’ knowledge gain, motivation levels, and job performance improvements. By prioritizing ROE, we’re helping our clients create events that not only meet business objectives but also leave a lasting positive impression, driving long-term engagement and loyalty among attendees.


Celebrating 37 Years and WBENC Recertification

We were excited to celebrate our 37th anniversary in May. At the same time, we renewed our certification as a woman-owned and WBENC-certified corporation. This certification reaffirms our commitment to diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our business. We also seek out inclusive partners who adhere to the same principles, ensuring our ability to bring diverse perspectives and innovative solutions to our clients.


As we look towards the second half of the year, we are excited about the opportunities to continue our path of strategic innovation and enhanced client service. Thank you for your trust and partnership as we move forward into an even more successful 2024.


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