Virtual conference ideas

There is nothing worse than a flat virtual conference that lacks clear focus and engagement. Distractions are only a quick click away in the virtual meeting world, so save your attendees some money from online shopping and keep them focused on your meeting goals.


Bucom thinks big to deliver big. Our experience, can-do-anything attitude, and outrageously creative minds will make you a superstar when you host your next virtual event. A few thoughts we share to get you out of the mundane day to day life of countless zoom calls to elevated and engaging virtual conferences!


1. Packing a punch – a focused agenda

Sting like a bee with your agenda – Muhammed Ali had all the answers before virtual meetings were even a thing. There is nothing worse than a virtual conference that doesn’t have a clear focus. A little bit of pre-planning can go a long way to prevent zoom fatigue.


Start your agenda with the premise that less is more; we recommend no more than two hours per day for numerous days, as opposed to one jam-packed day. Have your attendees invest in your virtual conference from the start by asking what they want to hear!


2. Virtual conference story teller – all great shows have one

All great shows have an emcee, and you don’t necessarily need Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to bring energy, warmth, and social cues to your audience. You need an engaging leader who allows attendees to sit back and feel comfortable to listen and participate.


3. Talk and be heard – questions and answers

If you are offering great content, your participants will have questions and want answers from your experts – let them be heard just like a live event. Live Q&A, polls, surveys, and knowledge checks are all easy tools to incorporate into your virtual conference to keep attendees engaged as well as track retention. Remind attendees that we are all in this together and work as a great team!


4. Two minutes of fame – attendees are the stars

BUCOM recently shot daily footage during the virtual meeting, so attendees could see themselves and teammates on the big screen the remaining days of the conference. Make your attendees the focus of your virtual conference and you will see a new level of engagement!

According to knowledge hub, Markletic, 49% of marketers say that audience engagement is the biggest factor to a successful virtual conference.

5. Get up and move – engaged attendees don’t click off

If you ensure the audience is having fun, you will increase the level of audience satisfaction. Think beyond the office desk chair and what’s already been done in the past year full of virtual meetings. Go for gold with your team with virtual Olympic competitions/predictions for the Tokyo Olympics, make coffee breaks interesting with latte artistry (life skill we all need), teach your team knife skills so they can impress their friends in the kitchen or teach them macrame so they can impress their grandma and deliver homemade gifts from her favorite grandchild!


Engagement isn’t enough any more, you have to take virtual conference experiences to the next level! Be a thought leader and truly stand out from the pack. We’ve all been home for a year + and it is time to elevate our virtual meeting game and set the tone for creative live meetings in the future!


BUCOM is your partner to brew up a highly caffeinated experience where your attendees won’t need coffee to keep their eyes on the screen.

Let’s get started.