Meetings & Events Post COVID-19

Let Bucom's 30+ years of experience help guide you through these unfamiliar times.

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The Attendee Journey
Laying the Groundwork – Making a Plan


While this current challenge is unprecedented, throughout Bucom’s history our experienced and knowledgeable team, process based approach, and creativity have helped our clients overcome challenges of all shapes and sizes. Every company, meeting, participant is going to adjust to this new environment in a different way – asking the right questions can help guide the way.


Our preliminary playbook addresses questions that teams need to ask prior to restarting their meetings. A comprehensive COVID-19 Preparation Plan will become an integral part of our meeting preparation partnership and will be personalized based on your culture and meeting size.

Get me there...
Get me there...
  • Think regionally – while large meetings are likely a little ways off, regional face to face meetings have a much shorter pathway from both an overall public health and ease of planning perspective
  • Have a defined ground transportation cleanliness & safety protocol
  • Hybrid meeting inclusion – If you can’t get there, we’ve got you covered…
Give me some space…
Give me some space…
  • Meeting set-ups to socially distance – Can your space accommodate this?
  • No more sharing of sleeping rooms
  • More meal functions outside with spacing
  • Contactless check-in/out of hotel
  • Contain groups in sections of the hotel
Protect Me On-Site…
Protect Me On-Site…
  • Hand sanitizer readily available in all meeting space
  • Face coverings
  • Temperature checks
  • Go green and no more shuffling papers between attendees
  • Bring your own pen/pad – no more communal pens on tables
  • Extra cleaning measures in sleeping and meeting room spaces
  • Post meeting health tracking/reporting
Feed me, but curbside pick-up style…
Feed me, but curbside pick-up style…
  • Think small and pre-packaged – We’ll likely have to put everyone’s favorite make your own trail mix on the back burner for a while…
  • This will also hold true for traditional meals – breakfasts, lunches, and dinners
  • Avoid chafing dishes and large buffets – think mason jars, individual premade portions
  • Disposable glassware and cups


What We’re Doing

  • We’ve enhanced our safety and well being training for our team, including the requirement that masks be worn on-site throughout your meeting or incentive. In addition, we’ve changed our on-site kits ensuring they contain personal protective equipment, including masks and other sanitizing items.
  • Requiring our partners and suppliers to uphold to our own rigorous standards for cleanliness and safety.
  • Contactless meeting check in
  • Providing our clients with access to medical professionals so we can make informed decisions for the well being of attendees.

A redefined sourcing process in a post COVID-19 world