Re-Engineered Meetings & Events in the Current COVID-19 Environment

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The COVID-19 Outbreak has fundamentally reshaped the meetings and events industry. As a result, Bucom has completely re-engineered our processes so your meetings and events can achieve new goals in this new normal. We will continue to update these processes and to align with the latest health and safety guidance.

Define Goals & Agenda Framework

A clear and concise meeting goal is the first step to every meeting, especially during this unprecedented global crisis. Analyze the best interest of your organization without compromising the health and safety of your team. The why is vital information for your attendees.

A well developed agenda with concise messaging is more important than ever given current travel restrictions and social distancing recommendations.

Some questions we ask prior to sourcing:

  • Will this meeting be 100% face-to-face? Will a hybrid meeting option be offered?
  • How many expected in-person attendees? How many expected virtual attendees?
  • Is attendee travel realistic given current restrictions? How will international participants be accommodated?
  • How will social distancing be enforced in the meeting space and social functions?
  • Will small team learning environments be utilized?
Venue Sourcing & Contracting

Extensive hotel, client, and hospitality industry experience has elevated BUCOM’s sourcing and contracting processes to a new industry standard. There are a myriad of questions/considerations we ask clients from the start to ensure programs are placed in the most economical, geographically desirable, and easily accessible destinations for the host and attendees.

Destinations often help to drive/enhance program messaging while fitting within an organizations goals, regulations, and values. More now than ever, our team focuses on specific contract terms, in conjunction with room rates, complete hotel costs/concessions, and cancellation clauses to optimize a mutually beneficial agreement between parties. Proven results – Powered by a strong partnership. 

Some questions in our comprehensive sourcing process:

  • Are the hotels/vendors considered willing to modify their contracting procedure and force majeure clauses to protect the client’s interests?
  • Does the hotel contract include appropriate language for relief and the applicable law under the force majeure clause?
  • Are “good faith efforts”, “commercially reasonable efforts”, or “best efforts” referenced to “measures of any government authority”?
  • Are specific governmental or health agencies recommendations recognized in the contract and cancellation/rebooking clause?

BUCOM’s buying power, and personal relationships are crucial in supporting last minute cancellations, re-sale of space, or negotiating rebooking concessions. It is our policy to always keep you informed of the ongoing progress as we are an extension of your team.

Travel Services / Ground Transportation

Travel Considerations
Managing travel in the best of times can be a challenge, but during a pandemic can by its nature create an abundance of situations that previously were never imagined. It is essential to re-evaluate your travel policy, taking into account the increased importance of the safety and health of your employees.

  • Traveler tracking and communication is essential – make sure you include mobile numbers in your registration
  • Prior to sourcing make sure destinations are allowed in your travel policy
  • What is your pandemic travel plan / action plan specific to COVID-19?

Ground Transportation Considerations
Bucom has created a set of guidelines for our ground transportation partners and requiring them to uphold to our own rigorous standards
for cleanliness and safety. This includes:

  • All vehicles will have hand sanitizer available upon boarding
  • In case of using a large vehicle, each row will have two individuals alternating
  • All drivers will be wearing face masks and clean gloves
  • Drivers will undergo daily temperature checks prior to shift
  • All vehicles will be wiped down with CDC recommended cleaner
Re-engineered On-site Experience

At Bucom, the safety and health of attendees and our team is always our top priority. As a result, we’ve completely re-engineered the way we look at the on-site experience, putting safety at the forefront.

In anticipation of the updated travel guidelines, we are working closely with all our hospitality partners, to provide maximum protection for attendees and our team.

To show our commitment to safety, we’ve developed an on-site hygiene kit that will be distributed to attendees upon arrival, including:

  • Facemask
  • Gloves
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Wet wipes
  • Travel pack of tissues

Some of the precautions we are taking:

  • Ensure hand sanitizer is readily available at all events
  • All hospitality desks, meeting rooms, and planned meal functions will be set up in compliance with social distancing guidelines and no-contact service procedure.
  • Containing groups in specific sections of the hotel
  • Posted information how to guard against COVID-19 throughout all venues.
  • Review, update and develop emergency plans for the organization, especially with consideration for individuals at increased risk of severe illness.
  • A comprehensive evaluation process of all venues to ensure they continue to adhere to health and safety measures as per local government guidelines and the World Health Organization.
  • Wellness cuisine can be offered as an option throughout the program including an immune booster program, with the culinary team preparing fortifying meals and juices
    to help all attendees stabilize and boost their immune systems.
Risk Management & Insurance

In the present COVID-19 environment, risk management will be more important to meetings and events than ever. Prior to sourcing and planning, meetings will need a risk assessment to understand potential liabilities. Bucom is here to assist with your pre-meeting risk assessment and can help you ask important questions to keep attendees safe.

Some questions that should be addressed pre-meeting are:

  • Have the HR and legal departments been consulted in regards to any changes in procedures and guidelines?
  • Insurance coverage for meetings and travel?
  • Safety measures for employees and staff?
  • Domestic/international travel approved guidelines?
  • Added revisions in contractual agreements for vendors?
  • Addendum requesting safety and health measures added to hotel contracts?
  • In the case of an emergency and/or heightened health risks, what are the SOPs to mitigate alarm and confusion?
  • Action plan guidance regarding COVID-19?
  • Review guidelines for meeting participants from countries outside of the USA?

Learn more about how Bucom can help you achieve your goals in the present COVID-19 Environment!