Meetings & Incentives Industry Trends for 2024!

What’s in store for 2024?

We polled our team of industry leading meetings and incentive experts to learn more about what they see on horizon. The keys below will help you punch your ticket for success on your meetings and incentives in the year ahead.

Green Gatherings

There is no doubt that sustainability is top of mind for meetings and incentives in 2024. There are many ways to work toward this goal of a “green gathering” and they don’t need to be as drastic as you may think. Incorporating small changes such as recycling meeting materials, sourcing local food, products, and entertainment, will lead you to the bigger goal of an eco-friendly meeting, incentive, or event. Choosing meeting destinations that cut down on travel will decrease carbon footprint. Bucom can create an air analysis to help you choose a destination with the most direct flights for your attendees, have less transfers or even public transit and have local restaurants within walking distance of the hotel. Bonus points if your venue has solar panels.

Four in five respondents (80%) say their organization takes sustainability into account when planning meetings and events.

Innovative Tech

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR ) can both be used to create immersive and interactive experiences, allowing attendees who can’t travel to participate in the meeting virtually. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be used to automate tasks such as transcribing discussions and analyzing data. Familiarize yourself with these tools! Bucom can help you incorporate them into your meeting, incentive, or event.

All Are Welcome

Incorporating diverse speakers, panelists, and performers will ensure a representative and inclusive environment. In 2024, expect meetings, incentives, and events to celebrate various cultures, perspectives, and backgrounds, fostering a sense of belonging among attendees. Starting a mentorship program leading up to the meeting and building in time in your agenda for these groups to socialize will also help create an inclusive environment. Have you heard of the coffee cup ice breaker?

Getting There

Ensuring accessibility at your meeting is not just about compliance; it’s about fostering an inclusive environment that accommodates everyone, regardless of their abilities. Choose a destination and venue with wheelchair access that includes facilities like ramps and elevators. Understanding what assistance your attendees will need onsite for ease of involvement and participating in activities is a must. Some of the most accessible destinations include Orlando, Las Vegas and Tampa.

You Are Appreciated

Understanding the interests and needs of your attendees will allow you to tailor the meeting experience accordingly. Is your group active? Plan a morning walk. Mental wellness top of mind? Start each day with meditation. Using a pre-meeting survey will help you to plan teambuilding and networking opportunities that will excite your attendees and will help you curate personal experiences on site.

Mindful Meetings

The well-being of attendees is critical for sustained success and retention. Starting each day of your meeting with stretching or a simple breathing exercise will set the tone for positivity and will clear the mind to focus on the day ahead. A few other ideas to promote wellness are to move one of your sessions outdoors, have a standing meeting, offer flexible seating arrangements and have “tech free” time to really encourage attendees to be present in the experience.

Essential Extras

The topic of budget is not a new trend. There are many ways where you can impact your meeting and incentive budget such as vendor negotiations, time of year to travel to a destination, level of AV and technology, but do your attendees see that? Probably not. The real trend to note here is prioritizing the essential extras. Understanding your attendees’ values and outlook on your meeting or event will help you decide between splurging on entertainment or décor, nicer swag or bigger stipend for time on their own. Bucom can help you determine how to allocate your budget so your attendees appreciate it!

Bucom’s team of meetings and incentives industry professionals is here to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities in 2024!

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