Live Multi-Hub Meeting

How do you get your teams together across different cities, countries or continents while also adhering to health and travel guidelines?


The live multi-hub method is a high-tech localized environment with one focus: getting people together face-to-face for invaluable interpersonal communication while connecting to a broader audience digitally in a cost effective and health conscious manner.


How it works…

A true hybrid experience focusing on personal connections



These days everyone can’t go to a National Sales Meeting (the Superbowl for sales forces) but tailgating in a “pod” with your local peers can be just as fun! Live multi-hub and spoke meetings are no different; we are bringing together as many people as possible for personal interaction in safe environments. Center stage or mission control on the “field” is where the main event is broadcast (combinations of live and pre-recorded material) with an emcee (think Cris Collinsworth) that keeps all the “pods” engaged and connected. Want to see what’s going on in the other pods – no problem – just like a wheel, everyone is connected (just digitally).


Why it works…

Everyone benefits



5 Engagement Strategies

Getting & keeping attention

  1. Localized activities, teambuilding, and service/community give back programs
  2. Recognition of key performers and 1:1 time with leadership
  3. Breakouts, chat rooms, online collaboration tools, gaming, leaderboards, awards and prized
  4. Photo/video sharing, holograms, emoticons, and animation
  5. Emcee and motivational speakers bridge the pods with broadcast centers

Give us a few minutes of your time to showcase how Bucom’s custom collaboration artists build the perfect meeting solution around a solid set of goals and parameters, so people feel heard, safe and engaged.