Most Instagram-ed destinations for your next incentive or meeting…

Planning a meeting or incentive trip that excites and motivates your team? Look no further! At Bucom, we know the power of creating unforgettable experiences that foster team bonding and boost morale. And what better way to capture those memories than with a photo (or ten) for Instagram?


In this blog, we unveil the Top 15 Most Instagram-able destinations of 2024, guaranteed to light up your team’s social media feeds and leave them with memories that will last a lifetime. From awe-inspiring natural wonders to vibrant cultural hubs, we’ve got something for every taste. So, get ready to explore, connect, and capture the picture-perfect moments that will make your next incentive trip truly epic.


15. Seoul

Seoul enthralls with its dynamic blend of ancient and ultramodern. Grand palaces like Gyeongbokgung stand in the heart of the city, whispering of Korea’s rich history. Just a stone’s throw away, futuristic skyscrapers pierce the sky, showcasing Seoul’s cutting-edge innovation. Foodies relish the chance to devour spicy kimchi and succulent Korean BBQ, while fashionistas revel in the city’s trendsetting style. Beyond the dazzling lights, Seoul offers serene temples and peaceful Bukchon Hanok Village, a glimpse into traditional Korean life. Whether you crave historical immersion, a taste of K-pop culture, or a culinary adventure, Seoul offers an endlessly fascinating experience.

14. New Zealand

New Zealand stuns with its dramatic landscapes, from glacier-carved mountains and geothermal wonders to pristine beaches and rolling vineyards. Adventure seekers can hike through lush rainforests, kayak crystal-clear lakes, or bungee jump off breathtaking bridges. Nature lovers marvel at the unique wildlife, like the flightless kiwi bird and the glowworms illuminating Waitomo Caves. Beyond the adrenaline rush, New Zealand offers a laid-back culture with friendly locals and a thriving Maori heritage. Foodies can indulge in fresh seafood, succulent lamb dishes, and award-winning wines. Whether you crave outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, or relaxation in a stunning natural paradise, New Zealand delivers a truly special escape.

13. Milan

Milan enthralls with its artistic and fashionable soul. The magnificent Duomo cathedral and world-renowned opera house, La Scala, showcase the city’s rich cultural heritage. Fashionistas flock to the glamorous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and Via Monte Napoleone, epicenters of Italian style. Beyond the high fashion, Milan offers a vibrant art scene with renowned museums like Pinacoteca di Brera housing masterpieces. Foodies delight in Milan’s traditional yet innovative cuisine, from saffron-infused risotto to melt-in-your-mouth panettone. History buffs wander through Sforza Castle, a captivating symbol of Milan’s past. Whether you crave artistic immersion, a touch of modern luxury, or a taste of delectable Italian cuisine, Milan offers a captivating experience.

12. Baku

Baku beguiles with its captivating blend of ancient and modern. The UNESCO-listed Old City offers a labyrinth of narrow streets lined with historic mosques and caravanserais, whispering tales of its rich past. Just steps away, futuristic skyscrapers pierce the sky, showcasing Azerbaijan’s oil-fueled progress. Foodies savor delectable Azeri cuisine, a delicious fusion of Middle Eastern and European flavors. Beyond the city, fire worshippers are drawn to the eternal flames of Yanar Dag (“burning mountain”), a natural wonder that has captivated explorers for centuries. Baku offers a thrilling mix of history, modernity, and cultural intrigue.

11. Tokyo

Tokyo explodes with a dazzling contrast of tradition and cutting-edge innovation. Ancient temples stand shoulder-to-shoulder with neon-lit skyscrapers, offering a glimpse into the city’s rich history and futuristic spirit. Foodies delve into a world of culinary adventures, from Michelin-starred delicacies to steaming bowls of ramen on bustling street corners. Pop culture enthusiasts are in paradise, surrounded by anime, manga, and cutting-edge fashion. Whether you crave serene gardens, electrifying nightlife, or a deep dive into Japanese culture, Tokyo offers an endlessly fascinating experience.

10. Singapore

Singapore captivates with its unique blend of futuristic cityscapes and lush greenery. Ultra-modern skyscrapers soar over meticulously maintained gardens like Gardens by the Bay, offering a glimpse into the future where nature and technology coexist. Foodies devour a mind-boggling array of cuisines, from Michelin-starred restaurants to open-air hawker stalls serving up local favorites. Thrill-seekers get their adrenaline pumping at Universal Studios Singapore, while history buffs delve into the rich cultural heritage of Chinatown and Little India. Singapore offers a non-stop feast for the senses, a clean and safe environment, and a truly memorable experience.

9. Sydney

Sydney’s iconic skyline, with the Sydney Opera House as its crown jewel, sets the stage for a captivating city experience. Sun-drenched beaches like Bondi offer relaxation or exhilarating waves for surfers. A vibrant atmosphere pulsates throughout the city, with world-class cafes serving up delicious coffee and a multicultural food scene that tempts every palate. Beyond the urban buzz, Sydney boasts stunning natural beauty, from the Royal Botanic Garden to the dramatic cliffs surrounding the harbor. Whether you crave outdoor adventures, cultural immersion, or a taste of the good life, Sydney delivers an unforgettable escape.

8. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka captivates travelers with its rich tapestry of experiences. Lush green mountains, vibrant tea plantations, and pristine beaches offer stunning backdrops for adventure or relaxation. History buffs wander ancient cities and marvel at UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Wildlife enthusiasts go on safari to spot elephants, leopards, and whales. The warm hospitality of the Sri Lankan people and the delicious curries infused with local spices add to the charm. Whether you seek cultural immersion, breathtaking scenery, or a taste of paradise, Sri Lanka offers an unforgettable journey.

7. Chicago

Chicago’s allure is a mix of big-city buzz and Midwestern charm. Soaring skyscrapers line the stunning Lake Michigan shoreline, offering breathtaking views. World-class museums and renowned theaters quench your thirst for culture, while diverse neighborhoods with unique vibes tempt you to explore. Foodies delight in Chicago’s deep-dish pizza and innovative culinary scene, and there’s always something exciting happening, from rooftop cocktails to vibrant festivals. Whether you crave urban energy or a lakeside escape, Chicago offers an unforgettable experience.

6. Bali

Bali enchants travelers with its stunning natural beauty, from volcanic mountains and lush rice terraces to pristine beaches with world-class surfing. This paradise island offers a deep connection to spirituality with its ornate Hindu temples and daily offerings. Beyond the scenery, Bali’s charm lies in its warm and welcoming culture, where visitors can experience traditional dance performances, world-renowned craftsmanship, and a deep respect for nature. For incentive travel, Bali provides the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure, fostering team bonding through unique experiences and unforgettable memories in a truly special destination.

5. Nepal

Nepal beckons adventurers and culture enthusiasts alike. The crown jewel is undoubtedly the Himalayas, with majestic peaks like Everest offering breathtaking treks and scenery. But Nepal’s beauty extends far beyond the mountains. Visitors are charmed by the warm hospitality of the Nepali people and the vibrant tapestry of cultures and traditions. Delicious local cuisine, ancient temples and monasteries steeped in history, and the chance to spot wildlife in national parks all contribute to Nepal’s magic. It’s a place for rejuvenation, adventure, and a deeper connection with nature and oneself.

4. Istanbul

Istanbul straddles continents, offering a unique blend of European and Asian influences. The Hagia Sophia, once a grand Byzantine church and later an Ottoman mosque, now a museum, embodies this cultural crossroads. History buffs wander through Topkapi Palace, marveling at its opulent halls and treasures. The vibrant Grand Bazaar overflows with spices, carpets, and handcrafted goods, tempting shoppers with its endless stalls. Beyond the iconic sights, delicious Turkish cuisine, with succulent kebabs and flaky baklava, tantalizes taste buds. Warm hospitality and the mesmerizing call to prayer from mosques add to the city’s charm. Istanbul beckons with its rich history, cultural fusion, and sensory overload.

3. New York City

New York City captivates visitors with its electrifying energy and endless possibilities. Nicknamed “the city that never sleeps,” it offers a nonstop buzz, from Broadway shows to world-class museums. Foodies flock here for its incredible diversity, with cuisines from every corner of the globe. History buffs can explore iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, while fashionistas revel in the city’s unique style and high-end stores. Even amidst the towering skyscrapers, pockets of green like Central Park offer a welcome respite. New York City is a sensory overload in the best way possible, with something to fascinate everyone.

2. Paris

Paris charms travelers with its romantic atmosphere and iconic sights like the Eiffel Tower. It’s a feast for the senses, with world-renowned art museums like the Louvre, delicious food from fresh croissants to Michelin-starred meals, and beautiful architecture lining the Seine River. Beyond the famous landmarks, there’s a hidden gem around every corner, waiting to be discovered. Paris is a city that pulsates with life, offering everything from cozy cafes to exciting nightlife. Whether you’re seeking culture, history, or a touch of Parisian flair, Paris will leave you wanting more. This summer, Paris will be especially vibrant as it hosts the 2024 Olympic Games.

1. London

London draws visitors in with its rich history and iconic landmarks, like Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. It’s a cultural smorgasbord, with world-class museums, theaters, and a food scene that spans the globe. From afternoon tea to Michelin-starred dining, there’s something for every taste. London’s energy is infectious, with a buzzing nightlife and a creative spirit that’s inspired countless artists. Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, or a theater lover, London has something to capture your heart.


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