Convert a virtual meeting to a localized in-person experience


Implemented a “multi-hub” meeting model, allowing for face-to-face in smaller groups while also connecting to a larger audience virtually.


Allowed for interpersonal relationships between participants while also fostering a stronger sense of culture and community


Following the trend of safely returning to in-person meetings, a client in the healthcare industry wanted to transition its annual sales meeting from a virtual event into an in-person/hybrid event. Our team rose to the challenge, quickly formulating a plan to deliver the best solution to optimize both the in-person and virtual experiences.


To maximize engagement and personal interaction, we presented our client with the progressive “multi-hub” meeting model, which brings people together face-to-face in smaller groups to enable invaluable interpersonal communication while also connecting to a broader audience digitally in a cost-effective way.

Working together with the client, we created a thoughtful and efficient agenda, established a strong theme and brand campaign, and developed immersive interactive attendee meeting environments, all while following strict corporate and local/state health and safety protocols. Then we grouped the participants into multiple “hubs” based on their geographic locations, with the goal of maximizing audience engagement.

Meeting content broadcasted from “mission control” included interactive Q&A roundtable sessions with senior leadership, fun gaming sequences with the training team to introduce new company initiatives, and recognition of incentive award winners. A meeting emcee did a great job connecting audiences and individuals from hubs and mission control to ensure continuity of timing and messaging.


The true success of any meeting is judged on the feedback from the participants. Post-meeting evaluations showed highly favorable results:

  • 98% of participants thought the multi-hub format created a rewarding interactive environment
  • 95% felt they retained the content presented
  • 97% thought the format helped build camaraderie and company loyalty

Attendees walked away from this cost-effective, multi-hub event feeling revitalized, refocused, and with a stronger sense of corporate community