1. Engage with Art

Use Luster (Guest-Generated Mosaics) to create live, billboard-sized works of art for your next event. Snap a photo from anywhere at an event, post it to Instagram or Twitter, and a printed sticker of your image is placed in a matching cell along with several other of these mosaic “tiles” to create a larger image.


  1. Design Your F&B to Match Your Brand

Bring your brand to life in the Food & Beverage design. Examples are creating and naming a cocktail, or simply implanting a design onto a cookie or doughnut. Challenge the Culinary Team to create!


  1. Connect with Attendees Digitally

Place beacons throughout your event space (walls, booths, doorways) and enable smart notifications to be transmitted to attendees who are in range. When an attendee is near a beacon, relevant notifications appear on their phone.


  1. Get Real Time Feedback

Sending evaluations throughout the day allows for more accurate data in real time.  Attendees like the opportunity to provide feedback more than once but no one has the attention span anymore for surveys over 3 questions.


  1. Build Free Time

An hour of free time during the day for attendees gives attendees a chance to recharge and to catch up on day to day tasks (check email, return calls, update an instapost…) Knowing they have this hour reduces stress and increases attention during scheduled functions.


  1. Festivalize

Creating a festival environment for your event will create an environment your attendees won’t want to leave. Festivalization can be done during your meeting or during evening events by incorporating food trucks, carnival games like ring toss, and live music stages.


  1. Use Smart Technology

Technology has the ability to make an event unforgettable, but also give the ability to adapt to an ever changing audience. Things that grab an attendee’s attention are iPad video walls; social media feeds, and touch screens.


To learn more about the ways Bucom can help you connect with today’s attendee, reach out to Kate Postle at kpostle@bucom.com.