Program: The Advisory Board Meeting included 25 top oncology drug and treatment researchers who updated and held interactive discussions at the KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) meeting for 150 important customers.

Location(s): Singapore

Participants: 200



  • To create a truly unique meeting that matches specific business goals
  • To produce and implement ideas that motivate attendees
  • To manage dietary restrictions of attendees from all over the world
  • To reinforce brand opportunities on-site



Singapore was the recommended meeting site because of its central location for participants from Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the Middle East and the U.S., its ease of travel and its reputation as a superior service-oriented and affordable city.
Bucom registered participants through various channels in order to best meet customer need. We used a customized web-registration site, direct communication and email documents with country managers as well as an internal corporate web registration site and numerous vendors. Bucom Travel met the special needs of all participants with personalized service and flexibility to ticket all faculty, vendors, staff and KOL leaders. We designed and delivered marketing materials and specialty products from the program’s start to build brand recognition, which continued through the planning process and onsite in Singapore. Bucom Productions further reinforced brand/drug awareness onsite through unique and product-specific sets and creative audio visual solutions.



Attendees were treated to a seamless, organized dining experience with exceptional service. The dietary restrictions of attendees from several different countries and customs were adhered to.
We introduced interactive response systems at the meeting to encourage audience participation and to track meeting-information retention by participants. Bucom created a personalized game show format that worked well and proved entertaining as a unique way of learning new drug information during the long sessions. Bucom also recommended a talented motivational speaker who spoke directly to the company’s need for lasting inspiration and insight.
Bucom also partnered with Medical Education and Marketing in order to meet and surpass client expectations. Post meeting, Bucom provided line-item billing by country, allowing the client to internally charge directly to country budgets.