Program: Bucom had an opportunity to assist in planning an important incentive effort mid-project for a global pharmaceutical company. The client needed additional support and assistance that Bucom delivered to create a valuable and memorable group-incentive program that inspired and motivated all attendees.

Location(s): Cabo San Lucas

Participants: Approx. 40



  • To create a dynamic and exciting program despite starting mid-project
  • To increase the value of the program by implementing memorable group incentive activities
  • To build the company’s brand and personalizing a program to the company’s needs
  • To develop, propose and implement a comprehensive structure focused on building equity into the incentive program year round and providing ROI
  • To deliver detailed necessities and implementing creative nuances in a timely fashion



A global pharmaceutical company asked Bucom to assist in creating and implementing a corporate incentive program from the ground up with VIP touch points. Bucom, having understood the value of group incentives, put the focus on team building and collective motivation, creating a priceless experience that attendees will always remember.

The process started mid-stream. The hotel was already contracted and with only three months before the incentive program started, Bucom went to work. Custom registration was built for the attendees and all activities. Personalized airline ticketing was arranged for the winners. Bucom partnered with a local DMC and developed a budget, as well as collaborated on taxes and accounting to reimburse all attendees for taxed rewards. Bucom researched activities and availability, presented CSR opportunities, and designed a four day program filled with once in lifetime activities, engaging group dinners with VIPs and their first ever gala awards event.

All of this was accomplished with the entire group in mind. Bucom sought to provide lasting motivation by having attendees share the experience with the entire group, which included some of the same people they would see in their work place after the incentive trip is over. Attendees were also able to participate in activities they might not have considered joining on their own. In essence, the incentive program revived all who participated and delivered a lasting motivational experience that may not have been as effective with individual rewards.



In the past, the company announced the destination and arranged the flights for award winners. But upon arrival they were given a stipend and were pretty much on their own. They had to plan their own activities. Bucom was able to create a corporate incentive structure for the company that excited and motivated their sales team, while building equity into the program and also take the burden of planning all the activities off the participants.
In addition, Bucom implemented an amenities program for arrival and while on-site.The arrival amenities included beach towels, Maui Jim sunglasses, hats, activity books and beach totes. Each night the attendees were treated to creative room amenities to enjoy before the evening activities. All in all, attendees came away from this incentive motivated, uplifted, and committed to their company as well as the program.