Program: After thorough research, analysis, and negotiations, Bucom recommended three optimal locations based on accessibility, participant draw, affordable and convenient airlift for attendees, and overall cost-effectiveness.

Location(s): Chicago, IL – Barcelona, Spain – Shanghai

Participants: 70­-120 per meeting



  • To maintain and produce a reliable and accurate registration process and source for three different meeting locations
  • To create a truly unique meeting that matches specific business goal
  • To provide maximum quality sourcing while meeting a tight budget
  • To coordinate multiple home site teams
  • To research properties and venues that adhere to PhRMA guidelines
  • To manage expense reimbursement for all attendees



Bucom recommended three optimal locations based on accessibility, participant draw, affordable and convenient travel for attendees, and overall cost-effectiveness. Chicago, Il. was chosen for all U.S. and Canadian participants, while Barcelona, Spain fit the needs of the EU delegation.  Shanghai, China was an easily accessible destination for participants from the APAC region, which contained a large Chinese delegation. Customized registration websites that interfaced with Bucom Travel were used for all site participants. One master database was essential in tracking all attendees between the three meetings to ensure all invitees were able to attend at least one of the three meetings, based on their schedules. Bucom also partnered with the client’s web registration site and internal travel provider for seamless registrations. Internal meetings for study-team members occurred on Day 1, followed by a welcome reception/dinner for all attendees. The Investigator Meeting was held over a two-day period with an off-site dinner on Day 2. We partnered with various vendors to synchronize seven simultaneous, rotating breakouts to highlight study-related processes such as reporting, ECG machines, and drug supply.



In addition to registration and sourcing, Bucom Productions implemented and produced podcasts and webcasts during sessions to provide resources for those unable to attend or as future reference. The meetings’ visual/audio components featured simultaneous translation, with all presentations prepared well in advance. More important, budget and meeting goals were achieved while adhering to PhRMA guidelines.